The Star Online|Malaysia 13th General Election

Elections for Newbies

1. What do I need to bring to the polling centre?

Your MyKad. Other acceptable documents are your Malaysian passport, your driving license, or an official identity card issued by any government authority which contains your photograph, full name, and identity card number.

2. What happens when I arrive at the polling centre?

You enter the polling station and first have your hands checked for indelible ink to fully ensure you are not voting for the second time. That said, there has never been a case of someone voting twice, as Malaysian IC numbers are unique and can never be duplicated. Once the agent finds your name and reads out your identity card number, you will be issued with a ballot paper. You head to the voting booth, select your candidate of choice, and place it into the box. If state elections are held simultaneously with the general election, you will be given two ballot papers and there will be two ballot boxes.

3. How do I find out where is my polling centre?

You can find out where you will be voting on the Election Commission website ( There will also be a service where you can SMS in your identity card number and your voting centre will be SMSed back to you. A website will also be launched, which will have all the information one would need for the 13th general election.

4. How do I find out about the candidates and their policies?

There will be a campaigning period for the candidates to share their policies and ideas with you.

5. Can I observe the vote counting process?

No. Only agents from the parties and candidates contesting can do so.

6. How can I find out the results as soon as possible?

You can wait at the tallying centre, there are large screens there which show updates. Anyone eager to know the results can wait there.